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There is more than SoundCloud, Wooga and Amen: 15 hot startups from Berlin

Berlin is quickly becoming an European hotspot for young and innovative Internet companies. Here are 15 startups that you might hear about in the future.

We usually don't publish articles in English. This one is an exception. Tell us if you like it so that we know whether you want to see more of those exceptions in the future // Diesen Artikel gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

Photo: stock.xchng, varilThe fact that Berlin has become one of the hottest places for startups in Europe is no real news anymore. Both international tech blogs as well as mainstream news sites have covered the rise of the German capital as an excellent city to launch young, ambitious and internationally focused web and mobile companies. But typically, in most of the articles the same startups are being mentioned over and over again: SoundCloud, Wooga, Amen, Readmill.

Here at netzwertig.com we regularly report about fresh, smart and disruptive startups from the German speaking countries, including Berlin. In the past we have covered dozens of web companies coming from the German capital. Here is a summary of 15 innovative Berlin-based startups and services that we wrote about recently (and that have already launched, at least in private beta). Check out their sites, most of them are fully available in English.


BuddyBeers lets people send a beer at a local bar to their friends, either to have a reason to meet, or simply as a kind present. Additionally, BuddyBeers helps to discover new bars and pubs which might be worth a visit.

Our review (in German)


Dropscan scans paper documents that people or companies sent by mail. The company promises transparency and an easy to understand pricing scheme without hidden fees or fixed costs. Users can also ask to get their scanned docs delivered right into a Dropbox folder.

Our review (in German)


The Android and iOS photo sharing app EyeEm has some similarities to Instagram, but focuses less on a chronological photo stream but more on the discovery of topics, events and places through photos.

Our review (in German)


This startup has created a web service that makes it possible to create interactive presentations consisting of web content like photos, texts, videos, sounds or full websites. All these elements are being pulled from the original web source in real time, thus users can directly interact with them.

Our review (in German)


Thanks to a recent funding by Ashton Kutcher and other international investors, Gidsy has quickly gained visibility in the local and international media. It's a market place for activities, allowing individuals to host a variety of activities for people interested, and it gives hosts the chance to earn some money. Gidsy is available in Berlin, San Francisco, New York and London.

Our review (in German)


iversity has the goal of connecting students and faculty members of universities across the world and to bring the campus experience online with a collaborative and social platform.

Our review (in German)


Phonedeck is like a remote control for smartphones. Through a browser interface you can control the most important features of your Android smartphone (iOS and BlackBerry will be supported in the future). Phonedeck also offers you a range of statistics and visualisations about your smartphone usage.

Our review (in German)


The company behind Moviepilot.com has been in existence for a few years already, but so far it only offered a German movie recommendation site. With moviepilot.com, the Berlin-based company recently launched a new site targeting international users, allowing them to get recommendations for movies that are in planning or production phase.

Our review (in German)


The second screen is becoming popular, and TunedIn is one of a slew of new mobile apps trying to enrich the TV and movie experience by combining a social network with a TV guide and recommendations.

Our review (in German)


tweek is another second screen startup from the German capital. The recently launched iPad app acts as a social recommendations guide for movies and TV shows based on what your Facebook like.

Our review (in German)


The company behind TwinKomplex tries to create a totally new kind of social game, combining aspects of games, books and movies with web services and social features. It's a free, interactive spy thriller played in the browser.

Our review (in German)


UPcload has developed a technology that can take people's body measurements by using their webcam. Online shops that use UPcload won't have to ask their customers anymore which size they need.

Our review (in German)


This Berlin-based startup is taking the crowdsourced mini-job approach known from Amazon Mechanical Turk, applying it to smartphone users who are given the chance to earn money with small tasks they can fulfil while sitting at the train or waiting for the bus. Unlike Mechanical Turk, WorkHub is mainly targeting the urban youth and people on the go.

Our review (in German)

Wunderkit (6Wunderkinder)

With the task manager app Wunderlist, this startup has already gotten its fair share of global attention and reputation. A few days ago, the company responsible, 6Wunderkinder, has finally launched its long-awaited social productivity suite Wunderkit in closed beta. They promise users "a new way of organizing your life".

Our review (in German)


7Moments wants to be the best and easiest solution to share photos in private albums with selected people. Its benefits are a user-friendly and pleasant interface and integration with existing photo platforms (at the beginning only Facebook is supported).

Our review (in German)

If you are about to launch a startup in Berlin and would like to see it covered on netzwertig.com, get in touch with us.

(Foto: stock.xchng, varil)

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